Have you ever tried a boodle fight?

“Boodle Fight” is a part of the Filipino culture—it is a fabulous feast served atop banana leaves presented on a long table. This Filipino tradition of eating originated from the Philippine military where cadets eat with their bare hands while standing side by side, ready to dig into piles of delectable Filipino delicacies like grilled meat, fish, vegetables, and seafood.  Boodle Fight symbolizes camaraderie, brotherhood and equality in the Philippine Armed Forces.

Don Juan Boodle House, the first boodle house that serves native Taal Specialities, such as Tapang Taal, Longganisang Taal, Pork Barbeque, Fried Tawilis, Adobo sa Dilaw and Sinaing na Tulingan. It has become increasingly popular in Batangas as it offers unique Filipino food experience: THE BOODLE FIGHT!

Don Juan serves 7 types of boodle namely: Taal Specialties, Seafood, Southern Tagalog, Davao, Inihaw, Inihaw v2, and Military Boodle. Aside from these mouth-watering boodle sets, Don Juan offers Boodlelitos, Platters, Rice and Viand, Soups, Special Grilled Dishes, DJ Favorites, Snacks, Desserts, and Drinks & Refreshments.

Don Juan has been around since 2010 and now has four branches in Batangas – Don Juan Taal, Don Juan SM Lemery, Don Juan Lipa, and Don Juan SM Lipa. Moreover, Don Juan Boodle House is continuously expanding to serve more people in the country.


Don Juan promotes Filipino culture and traditions by influencing people to eat with their hands. Don Juan believes that eating Filipino cuisine using bare hands makes the food taste better—every meal at Don Juan is not just about digging into the sumptuous selection of Pinoy food, but it’s also about the human connection kamayan brings.

The ultimate goal of Don Juan Boodle House is to provide special dining experience by encouraging guests to eat together. For Don Juan, sharing food is an act of faith and love; hence, it helps foster the bonds of Filipino people over scrumptious traditional Filipino dishes.

Don Juan proudly brings a taste of home to all Filipinos.